Friends of Coggshall Park
Fitchburg, Massachusetts 
The Friends of Coggshall organization was founded in 1992 when approximately $1 million in state and federal funds were used to renovate the park.  The Friends' mission is to support Coggshall Park, with all funds raised by the organization used exclusively for the park's preservation.
Since the group's founding, the Friends have contributed significantly to the upkeep and beautification of Coggshall Park.  Annual spring clean-up projects, to which the Friends contribute both volunteer labor and supplies (including more than 60 yards of mulch each year), ensure the park's landcaping remains well-kept.  Other investments made by the Friends have been even more significant, such as the purchase of a new fountain for Mirror Lake and a specialized off-road firefighting vehicle for use in Coggshall or elsewhere around the city as needed.
The Friends also seek to optimize the public's enjoyment of what Coggshall has to offer.  A key annual project for the group is the organization of a free outdoor summer concert series featuring an array of musical genres ranging from oldies classics to Irish folk singing.  The Friends also work with other community members on behalf of the park, such as frisbee golfers developing a course in an under-utilized area of the woods or Scouts mapping the park's network of trails. 
Recently, an important priority for the Friends was to support efforts to rebuild the Coggshall Stone House that was sadly lost to fire in early 2009.  The expertise and input of the Friends organization was valuable as the City of Fitchburg and the truly commendable students of Monty Tech rebuilt the structure using as historically accurate of a design as possible.  The Stone House rededication ceremony was held in fall 2011.

Another recent significant investment from the Friends was the installation of granite cobblestone edging along the walkways surrounding Mirror Lake.  This project was completed in 2010-2011 to replace deteriorating wooden edging; the end result represents an improvement in both durability and aesthetic appeal.
The Friends of Coggshall would not be able to accomplish any of our goals without the support of our outstanding members.  If you are already a member, we sincerely thank you for your role in preserving this beautiful park.  If you are not currently a member,  we certainly hope that you will consider joining us.
Thank you for visiting our site, and please do not hesitate to contact us if we can answer any questions!

This website is infrequently updated - the best way to obtain current information regarding Friends of Coggshall Park news and events is via our Facebook page.

Friends of Coggshall
159 Electric Avenue
Fitchburg, MA  01420

(The mailing address for Friends of Coggshall is PO Box 792, Fitchburg, MA 01420. However, please note that the Friends organization does not play a role in park rentals or other issues related to park management - questions of this nature should instead be directed to the City of Fitchburg. )

To reach a board member via email for Friends-related inquiries only (not for rental inquiries, etc., which should instead be directed to the City of Fitchburg), please contact:
Bob O'Connell - oconnellranda (at) gmail (dot) com or
Jim McGrath - jasmc1960 (at) gmail (dot) com